iceccreaamm cake hahaha lami ra! haha morning! #simplepleasure #cake #icecream #foodporn

    I’ve always wanted a kitkat cake :)

    Candles and songs #birthday #celebrate

    off to church :) Oh happy day!:)) #blessedlife #birthday #igerscebu #pinay #capturedmoment

    silver yr + 1 :) do you also get that extra happy and special feeling on your birthday?:) #birthday #igerscebu #smile #happy #love #life #celebrate #instagramcebu #pinay #specialday

    This Guy oh!
    Things started smoothly at church when suddenly a woman, sitting 3 rows from our seats, made weird jerky movements. I realized she was having an episode of seizure. Nobody bothered to help her then he rescued her. I looked around, still nobody cared.The mass went on So he Carried her towards the open area in the entrance where he placed the woman on a comfortable chair. I assessed her immediately and asked for a girl to call Eruf. She had vomitted inside the church. As I asked if she was okay, she merely looked at me straight. People were staring. They didn’t do anything except for those youth who responded to us to call for help. The woman then started walking and a guy approached her. Thankfully, he was her neighbor so he took charge. She was feeling fine when we left and she started talking. She should have a companion when out on public. and thanks so Shan who so boldly did what he had to do! he’s no nurse but he did good. :) Proud gf here

    feeling homeyyy #lazysaturday #selfie #igerscebu #hairmoment #palmolive hahaha kayyyy :)

    tried Yummy Kitkat mix-ins #jollibee #cebu #pinoy #food #Dessert #kitkat

    hey @kwidaw

    Idk if u still read or visit tumblr but I hope someday you will hehe I miss u migo :) kwidaw

    the maybe’s

    A statement where uncertainty is present doesn’t help at all in calming someone who feels down. Why not say things straight where you give reassurance and hope?

    say, “I’M COMING LATER.”

    Not just,

    "MAYBE I’ll visit you later."

    :/ Oh maybe. maybe.

    samuka nawnga oy! hihi #love #igdaily #cebu #shanmeyr

    he makes me worry alot but I miss him more than that :)
    happy him. happy not anymore?

    he messaged thru fb around 4:30 am saying he’s coming home..

    Believe me, as much as I want to stay neutral, my inner self surfaced. I told him I was worried and that How come he never even texted. I felt bad at how he acted and I felt bad at how I reacted. He was supposed to have fun yet I was spoiling it with my feelings. He always tells me to be brave and share my thoughts with him.. so there.

    I’m not mad. I just felt bad at the thought that he never even thought of sending me any message the whole night.

    trifie haha! goodnight!:) #selfie #bored

    at home where i’m missing you

    tonight, he went out to a friend’s house.

    I called him on the phone around 8:30pm since he didn’t send me any messages for 3 hrs. There was noise around him and maybe some friends. He said he was going out.. He didn’t even tell me but that’s okay. No need to stress myself out on this thing. I have a lot on my plate now and I really miss him.
    He gives me strength on days like this wherein i’m struggling to stay happy.

    I read this article about letting go once in awhile for them to grow and hope that they’d come back with full faith to you.

    So, he said he’d text me. Nothing.
    Maybe he’s having too much fun. sigh.
    I’ll let him have this day. Besides, love isn’t supposed to be selfish, right?

    gibatig kahayag! haha Oh dear #love #smile #igcebu #potd

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